An office chair wobbles when used

When an office chair wobbles, the cause is to be found on the central rail or the rollers are malfunctioning. When mounted on a gas spring seats often a component replacement is necessary. Broken threads are another common cause. First, it should always be checked if the rollers cause the wobbling.

First check the rollers and then the spring

The first diagnosis that should be made after determining that an office chair is wobbling is the influence of the rollers on chair behavior. The simplest and most reliable test run consists of unscrewing or pulling out all the rollers. If the base is placed without rollers on a firm surface and then the chair no longer wobbles, the roles must be changed.

After excluding the rollers, the most likely cause of wobble is the gas spring. After checking that the holding cylinder is firmly seated in the middle of the base, the insertion function of the lift element into the cylinder must be checked. This can be determined without disassembling the office chair by simply rocking back and forth. If there is a game here, the gas spring must be replaced.

Further investigation of the causes

If wobbling persists despite faultless rollers and gas spring guide, the following options can be followed:

  • Unevenness in the floor
  • Check the tightness of all screws (backrest and seat substructure)
  • Connection or transition between seat surface and backrest
  • Screw thread in central rail
  • Internal thread unscrewed by unscrewing hand knobs
  • Aligned spring mechanisms of the inclination adjustment

Special case screw thread as height adjustment

With screw threads for height adjustment in the central spar, as found in older and simpler office chairs, the wobbling can only be used from a certain minimum height. The threaded rod inserted in the internal thread develops too much play with only a few remaining revolutions.

Similar to the gas spring, only the replacement of the central spar is usually the solution, which is often not worthwhile. If you can do without a height adjustment, a permanent blocking in a fixed setting is possible. The internal thread can be wetted with liquid adhesive and the threaded rod can be screwed in the desired height one last time.

Tips & TricksIn case you have a very old office chair, check if the regulation lever protrudes directly into the gas spring lift. This design holds the risk of explosion.
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