A gargoyle for the gutter is practical and beautiful

Gargoyles were originally used on the gutter to protect facades and foundations. Today, they are experiencing a comeback mainly because of their function as an aesthetic design element. The most different figures decorate garden sheds and private homes.

Original function

A gargoyle for the gutter is in its simple form a drainage pipe, which is not connected to a downpipe. In earlier times it served to "spit out" the collected rainwater arcuate and thus derive from the facade of the building.

In ancient times, this was the usual way to protect the masonry of the house from moisture. Gargoyles also served on church buildings to hold evil spirits. Over the years, they have largely lost their original function.

Gargoyle in modern times

The drainage of rainwater is mainly through downpipes and infiltration. However, the spitting figures have lost nothing of their impressive appearance. Meanwhile, the most unusual shapes and figures have prevailed and adorn the facades as gargoyles.

Of course gargoyles are also available, which are still integrated into the drainage system of the roof. In terms of price, these are much cheaper than the animal, dragon or demon figures.

Material and shapes

Due to the great demand for gargoyles for gutters, you will find an almost unlimited selection of shapes and variations in the offer of the specialized trade.

  • Clay
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

The following suppliers offer gargoyles:

  • Grund-bauhaus.de, specializes in historical designs of gargoyles and gutters.
  • Hbw-handel.de, offers a gargoyle with downpipe
  • Metallrinnen-speier.de offers a huge selection of gargoyles

A gargoyle with plastic downpipe is already available from 23, - Euro, for stainless steel is 35 , - Euro to be expected, a stainless steel Speier is about 50, - Euro, copper-Speier cost about 50, - Euro. The gargoyles in a historical look are at about 100, - € in zinc, for copper is expected to be about 120, - €.

Tips & TricksIf you take a closer look, you will find rain gutters gargoyles that are visually appealing and unusual and at the same time fulfill their actual function. They can be used as bird protection for the gutter or are available with an inlet plate.
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