A garden shed with a flat roof is nice and cheap

Anyone who plans his garden shed with a flat roof will choose one of the cheapest types for a cozy spot on their own property. Whether designed as a cost-effective prefabricated kit or self-directed, the technical effort and the roof covering with bituminous membranes can be realized quickly.

Construction and tightness

The construction principle for a shed with a flat roof is the simplest construction method for a garden shed. On the square or rectangular floor plan, a circumferential roof frame is mounted and braced in parallel with roof strips. Entweder Either wood strips with tongue and groove technology, pressboard, wood fiber or multiplex boards are nailed to the roof rails. Depending on the need for protection, a foil may suffice for the sealing if there is no decay-prone equipment in the garden shed.

In order to protect sensitive textile furnishings from moisture, it is recommended to seal the flat roof with welded bituminous membranes. In addition, a roof pitch of three to seven percent must be given to avoid any resulting puddles.

Design and Equipment

Many manufacturers of prefabricated kits for garden sheds have their flat roof products as design houses. Special elements such as large hinged doors, round windows and colored exterior cladding create attractive looks. Also, the wide survival of the flat roof on two or all four sides is a popular design. Garten Garden owners love to choose a flat roof garden house with an integrated patio. Under the roof, a part is rebuilt with walls and another part remains open. The result is a protected patio, on which, for example, a grill operated or insensitive garden tool can be stored.

Suppliers and costs

weka-holzbau.com leads 18 different garden house models with flat roofs from the simple cube to the design object.

gartenhaus-gmbh.de mainly offers garden sheds with a flat roof made of solid wood, which also affects the roof.

  • gartenhaus.holzprofi100.de leads as an online retailer several brand manufacturers such as Karibu.
  • The simplest kits for "wooden cubes" as a garden shed with a flat roof start at prices from five hundred euros. Usually the roof sealing material like bitumen or flat roof foil is not included. The largest selection of garden sheds with flat roofs lies in the price range between one thousand and two thousand euros.
  • Tips & TricksIf you want to build a garden house with a flat roof yourself, you have to complete a manageable challenge. However, it is important that the roof ventilation, which prevents the lumber or strips remain permanently wet. The advice of the expert should be obtained.
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