A garage canopy can be designed individually

Canopies are usually used as protection against wind and weather. Not only in the entrance area or over the terrace, but also in front of the garage, a canopy is quite handy. It is common to use canopies, but special shapes are also possible.

Individual design

Many manufacturers and suppliers are available to choose from, although the prices for a garage canopy are often individually designed. These are dependent on various factors.

When building a new garage, the canopy can be planned in the same way. Extensible garage canopies for flat roof garages are also available. These are guided via a rail system on the roof surface.

Fancy garage canopies are also available, shapes such as curved and concave are possible as well as gable or round arch shape. However, the most widespread are straight or slightly sloping canopies.

The price of a garage canopy is determined by

  • Dimensions of the roofing
  • Type of roof covering
  • Color and material of the construction
  • Costs of delivery and installation

When retrofitting a garage canopy, it is essential to pay attention to the distances prescribed by local building regulations. Otherwise, a canopy requires a building permit only in rare cases.

The suppliers and prices

A garage canopy in a simple design is priced at 290, - Euro. Since garages have quite different dimensions and the dimensions are rarely exactly the same, the prices of the manufacturers and suppliers are usually calculated according to individual needs.

  • kd-ueberdachung.de, the pricing depends on the respective conditions.
  • wega-tech.de has a cheap garage canopy on offer.
  • At steidle-garagen.de you can find out the price when contacting
Tips & TricksWhen buying a garage canopy you can save extra money if you are looking for a self-assembly kit. This work is quite simple and can be done with a little skill itself, there are different materials to choose from.
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