A durable balcony coating made of synthetic resin

A particularly practical application of synthetic resin is a balcony coating. The weatherproof and weatherproof material is easy to clean and inexpensive to buy, despite its long service life. Attention should be paid to the protection against UV rays which common synthetic resin does not provide and sufficient slip resistance.

Protective layer or sole floor covering

A balcony is often a problem child with regard to its structural characteristics. Wind, weather and rain set him and often hard chair and table legs and plant troughs must withstand permanently. Therefore, in addition to garages and vehicle shelters, synthetic resin has become the most popular floor covering in private homes on balconies. Balkon A balcony coating made of synthetic resin can be carried out in two different ways. It can be applied as a transparent protective layer on an existing surface such as tiles or serve as an independent floor covering with its own decor. In both cases, the practical value of a jointless floor is usable.

Repair effects on existing coverings

Partly balcony coatings are also used in the course of refurbishment measures. For example, resin injections can restore the stability and condition of old mortar and joint fillers. Cracks and porous cement and concrete subfloors must be permanently flawed and waterproofed.

Modern balcony coatings made of synthetic resin are designed to close or bridge cracks. In this way you can also eliminate existing damage and leaks if the job is carried out professionally. Depending on the structural conditions and resin selection, the new balcony coating can be troweled, brushed or poured. In this way, indispensable drainage slopes are well practicable.

Customization of properties with aggregates

Aggregates adapt the basic ingredients resin and hardener to the tasks on the balcony. These include the functional aspects:

Light fastness

  • Diffusion behavior
  • Elasticity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Crack bridging ability
  • Skid resistance
  • UV resistance
  • In particular with regard to UV resistance, it must be carefully considered when purchasing that the selected synthetic resin has this property "on board". Some types of synthetic resin can not provide integrated UV protection and must be protected by a finalizing protective coating after drying and hardening. The scattering of glass flour or fine grain sand increases the skid resistance. The protective coating also creates a matt or glossy surface.

Tips & TricksBecause you usually apply a diffusion-bonded layer with a balcony coating made of synthetic resin, in the event of any previous water damage in the masonry or balcony floor, complete drying and restoration of the substrate is required.

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