A conservatory without a building permit - is that possible?

Partly when it comes to the question of building permission, the naming of the building is important. If the conservatory suddenly becomes a greenhouse and does not exceed a certain size, this building can be approved.

Regional differences

None of the information we give here can be general. This is mainly due to the regionally very different conditions for building. An extension greenhouse of 1.5 square meters will probably be able to set up anywhere without a permit. A conservatory but certainly not.

Building permit is important

A building permit is basically necessary for every extension and for single buildings. This also applies to conservatories.

Just because the building office might not have intervened with a neighbor or acquaintance does not mean that you should try to build a conservatory without a building permit.

Dear neighbors

Even if one understands oneself very well with the neighbors, someone can envy the building office out of envy. So if the office gets wind of the conservatory, not only the demolition can threaten, but also a sensitive fine. By the way, you have to pay the demolition yourself.

Logging on or off

But do not panic if you have already built a conservatory without a building permit. It is best to become active and to submit a subsequent application. However, it will often be a little harder to meet the requirements if the construction is already completed.

The offices are much friendlier if you approach them yourself. Outlines are then pronounced only very rarely. Often, however, then something basically went wrong in the construction of the conservatory anyway.

Important aspects of conservatory construction without a building permit

  • Size of the area
  • Height of the enclosed space
  • Greenhouse or conservatory
  • Regional building regulations
  • Only ever gain the living space if you have a building permit!
Tips & TricksConsult before building a conservatory. The little effort that the building permit can make in advance is nothing to the hassle and expense you can incur if you build without a building permit.
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