A concrete fence is easy to paint

The challenge of painting a concrete fence is a permanently opaque paint that preserves the porosity of the concrete. Unlike painting a concrete wall, most modules or elements of a concrete fence are already ground-impregnated by the manufacturer.

Special concrete colors are available in a wide range and can be rolled up, brushed on or sprayed on. Important is the previous removal of all surface contamination. In particular, in relief-like structures and remote post elements, the inner edges of small, sometimes not always visible pests such as moss must be cleaned. A generous watering and thorough brushing of the concrete fence fulfills this purpose.

Coating-friendly concrete

The choice of colors for beautifying the concrete wall is almost unlimited. Depending on your personal taste, spray paints for a graffiti look can also be an attractive alternative. Before painting, the manufacturer's information on the type of concrete and the condition of the fence elements should always be obtained or read.

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