Used or new concrete paving stones

Concrete paving stones start at new prices of just under ten euros per square meter and most types and shapes cost up to twenty euros. As with any other product, builders' merchants and hardware stores are always offering promotional prices, which, however, only refer to a specific product. Ten to twenty percent discount on regular prices are common. Some building materials dealers have specialized in residual and special items. Under and partly also under dozens of different new paving stone types from concrete or natural stone are listed. On general Internet market portals such as or you will find a variety of offers under the keyword paving stones. Here are the offers of natural stone, concrete or clinker and used or new goods mostly mixed, so that your search can be a little more time consuming. For used offers, you should make a visual check, preferably on site, as loosened paving stones can have many small breakage, which are easy to hide in a picture.

Used or new natural stone paving stones

In the case of paving stones from the various natural stones such as granite, porphyry, basalt or limestone, special or residual items are usually created through miscalculation when shopping. You can also find the overhanging paving stones at low prices on trade portals like or In the field of used products, specialized second-hand trade is greater than for concrete products. This is also due to the near indestructibility of paving stones, for example granite. The portals or provide good offers for both new and used paving stones. Cheap used stocks from a decommissioning, you can call the building yard of your region call.

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