Place 2 mattresses on top of each other: is that possible?

Have you bought a new mattress and are thinking of just putting it on the old one? Or you are sleeping on the floor and would like to sleep a bit higher? No matter why you want to put 2 mattresses on top of each other, that's not a good idea. Why and what you should keep in mind when you do it yourself is explained below.

The biggest problem: The ventilation

At night we sweat a lot. 500ml to a liter of sweat seeps into the mattress. This is not only a great breeding ground for mites, mold also likes it warm and humid. Therefore, it is always important to ensure sufficient ventilation in a mattress. A slatted frame is ideal because it leaves air from below to the mattress. If two mattresses are placed on top of each other, the air circulation is interrupted and thus the formation of mold is strongly favored.

Other problems

But limited ventilation is not the only problem:

  • Slatted frames can not be set on a point basis.
  • Mattresses may slip.
  • zones of the mattress are lost
  • the degree of hardness becomes invalid

These problems can not be solved. Still, that does not necessarily mean that you sleep poorly on two mattresses. Try it! Maybe the soft sleeping feeling is just right for you!

Protecting Your Mattresses from Moisture

If you decide to do so, or are even forced to put 2 mattresses on top of each other, you can prevent mold growth by doing the following:

  • Every day, get up and leave the duvet behind you escape the night. Half an hour should be enough.
  • Separate your mattresses each time you wash linens and place both or at least the top vertically to a heater or in the sun so they can dry out properly.
  • Create a mattress cover or (even better!) A mattress topper that absorbs most of the moisture. Further advantages of the mattress protector can be found here.

Mattress Topper

With a mattress topper, you not only protect your mattresses from moisture, you can also make your mattress feel harder by choosing a higher degree of hardness. So you almost offset the disadvantages of 2 mattresses on top of each other. Nevertheless, ventilate your mattresses regularly.

Tips & TricksWhile slipping, you can place a non-slip mat between both mattresses or tie them with ribbons.
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